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We curate pop-up concept art shows for brands and independent spaces

Please email winnie[at] to collaborate.

Lorong 24A Geylang, 2013

The Art of Rebellion is a contemporary exploration and reminder
of Chinese culture, a play on the power of idiomatic suggestion.

The Reading Room Gallery, 2013

GLYPHWERK is a typography experiment where we invite ten design
agencies based in Singapore to each showcase a working font.
Typefaces ranging from Dingbats to Hybrids, to Display texts and
Modular fonts were created, with each font's prowess showcased
through bespoke posters and specimen books.

Goodman Arts Centre Gallery, 2012

Microcosmos is concerned with the specificity of cosmic relativity;
the place of mythology in urbanity;
the diction of science-fiction in the ordinary;
permutations of fear of the known and unknown;
the deconstruction of heroic gestures vs the hero-ism of daily-living;
the human tendency to seek polestars.

The works of 7 contemporary artists from Singapore and Britain are
accompanied by 14 tangential literary responses, co-published in
a micro-anthology.

The Substation Gallery, Armenian Street, 2012

Synaesthesia is a serial experiment crossing the boundaries
between two genres of art: the written word and the image.
A collaboration between 17 pairs of writers and artists,
Synaesthesia is the product of a marriage between form and words
that exists beyond the page.