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Brand & Identity Design · Publication & Print Design · Typography & Art Direction

The studio has been constantly cited in blogs, magazines, print annuals and award shows
as a rising star & gamechanger in the design industry.

Headquartered in Singapore with correspondence in Shanghai & Taipei.

Please email our creative director Winnie Wu to get in touch.

The Trophy Cabinet

Japan Typography Association Applied Typography Award 2017〔Excellence〕
Germany iF Design Award 2017〔Winner〕
Germany iF Design Award 2017〔Winner〕
Graphis Design Annual 2017〔Merit〕
Graphis Design Annual 2017〔Merit〕
Red Dot Design Award 2016〔Winner〕
Hong Kong Design Association Global Design Award 2016〔Excellence〕
Hong Kong Design Association Global Design Award 2016〔Excellence〕
Golden Pin Design Award 2016〔Design Mark〕
Golden Pin Design Award 2016〔Design Mark〕
Golden Pin Design Award 2016〔Design Mark〕
International Chinese Young Guns 2015〔Winner〕
HOW International Design Award 2015〔Merit〕
HOW International Design Award 2015〔Merit〕
FPO For Print Only International Award 2014〔*****〕
FPO For Print Only International Award 2014〔***〕
Creative Circle Award 2014〔Finalist〕
Singapore Design Award 2014〔Winner〕

The Podium

〔東 ╳ 西 east meets west〕
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
(Taipei, Taiwan)

Songshan Cultural & Creative Park
(Taipei, Taiwan)

〔不完美, 不規則: Out of Line〕
亞洲創意對話 Creative Talk Asia
Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Center
(Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

〔Against the Ephemeral: Designing for Art〕
Art Stage 2015

〔Design Vs. Art〕
First Media Design School

〔Inspiration Sessions №1〕

The Imprint

▪ Logos From Japan, Counterprint Books〔UK/WW〕
▪ SEARCH, See Also Publishing〔MY/WW〕
▪ Japan Applied Typography 27〔JP〕
▪ Paper Matters by Viction:Workshop〔HK〕
▪ 150 Top Emerging Asian Creatives〔Curated by Ubies + Pie Books Japan〕
▪ 亞太設計年鉴 Asia Pacific Design №7
▪ 亞太設計年鉴 Asia Pacific Design №9
▪ Monochrome – Black & White in Branding by Sandu Publishing〔CN〕
▪ Design Society Journal №6〔SG〕
▪ Design Society Journal №8〔SG〕
▪ UC Quarterly №1 by Underconsideration〔US〕
▪ UC Quarterly №4 by Underconsideration〔US〕
▪ Art in Book 2 by Sendpoints〔CN〕
▪ Colour Impression 2 by Dopress〔CN〕

The Showcase

▪ Buku Mini 2, Ace House, Yogyakarta〔IN〕
▪ K+ Colourplan, K+ Gallery, Scotts Square〔SG〕
▪ RED╳DESIGN 品牌傑出影響力設計展展覽 International Good Brand Design Exhibition, 新光三越高雄左營店, Kaohsiung〔TW〕
▪ Hong Kong Global Design Awards 2016 40th Anniversary Exhibition〔HK〕
▪ Tiger Beer Trading.Co Pop-up Store, Canal Street New York〔US〕
▪ 國際新銳設計2015 (ADC International Chinese Young Guns)〔TW〕
▪ 韓國首爾亞太傑出海報設計邀請展 Korea Asia Poster Design Exhibition 2016, Gallery Iang, Seoul〔KR〕
▪ I Have A Room With Everything Too〔SG〕
▪ 新視角亞洲傑出海報設計展 New Vision Asia Poster Design Exhibition 2015, Kaohsiung Pier-2 Art Center〔TW〕
▪ Girls of the Underground, Kult Gallery, 2015〔SG〕
▪ ChungKing Express, Kult Gallery, 2014〔SG〕
▪ Kingbrown × Kult Gallery, 2014〔SG〕
▪ Campaign City 2013〔SG〕
▪ The Design Society × China House〔MY〕
▪ Singapore Design Week Design Trails 2015〔SG〕
▪ The Design Society × One Academy for Singapore House〔MY〕
▪ Fredperry × Lomography Blue Hour Sessions〔SG〕
▪ Nixon Art Mosh 2010, 2011, Old School〔SG〕
▪ Tiger Beer Translate Neon, Invited as 1 of 12 global artists〔Asia〕
▪ Tiger Beer Translate Asian Kinetic Artist, Invited as 1 of 20 global artists〔Asia〕

The Press

▪ DESIGN magazine, Taiwan Design Center〔TW〕
▪ IDN International Designers Network,〔HK / WWW〕
▪ PMQ 元創方,〔HK〕
▪ CutOut Magazine The Naked Issue〔MY〕
▪ 亞洲創意對話 Creative Talk Asia Issue 1〔TW〕
▪ Imprimerie du Marais,〔FR〕
▪ Indesignlive.Asia,〔SG〕
▪ Graphic Birdwatching,〔US〕
▪ FPO For Print Only〔US〕

Selected Clients/Collaborators